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History of Science Collection

The courtier
written in Italian, in four books, I. Of the form and manner of a court life. II. Of the qualifications of a courtier. III. Of the accomplishments of a court lady and, IV. Of the duty of a from the original., Dedication signed: Robert Samber., "Errata": p. [8].
The description and use of both the globes : the armillary sphere, and orrery, exemplified in a large and select variety of problems in astronomy, geography, dialling, navigation, spherical trigonometry, chronology, &c., also, a new construction of each g
by Benj. Martin., "A catalogue of philosophical, optical, and mathematical instruments, made and sold by Benjamin Martin"--P. 1-4 (6th group)., Publisher's advertisements: p. 5 (6th group).
The elements of geometrie of the most auncient philosopher Evclide of Megara.
Faithfully (now first) translated into the Englishe toung by H. Billingsley ... Whereunto are annexed certaine scholies, annotations, and inuentions of the best mathematiciens ... With a ... preface made by M. I. Dee, specifying the chiefe mathematicall scieces, what they are, and wherunto commodius: where, also, are disclosed certaine new secrets mathematicall and mechanicall, vntill these our daies greatly missed., Engraved t.p., Many errors in numbering of leaves., Portrait of the printer, J. Daye, above the imprint on last page., "The sixtenth booke of the Elementes of geometrie, added by Flussas": leaves 445-464.
The expression of the emotions in man and animals.
By Charles Darwin., Frreman: I, 281 part; II, 1142.