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History of Science Collection

Essay de dioptrique
Nicolas Hartsoeker.
Evenings of a working man : being the occupation of his scanty leisure
Leaves from the register of the Lady Abbess of Godstow -- The Dodder-Weed -- Theology; or, the point at issue --Good-bye! good-bye! -- A Legend of Runna Mead and Magna Charta -- Woman's faithfulness -- Norris and Anne Boleyn -- A day-dream -- The Costar'monger -- Ring-a-tingle-dingle-ingle-ing-in-'n; Rap! "Ba--ker!" -- The carpenter., by John Overs ; with a preface relative to the author, by Charles Dickens., Accompanied by one hand-written letter to author, written and initialed by Charles Dickens., Book and hand-written letter in case.
Exercitationes de generatione animalium : quibus accedunt quædam de partu de membranis ac humoribus uteri & de conceptione
auctore Guilielmo Harveo., Engraved t.p., First published in London, 1651; 3 eds. in duodecimo also published in Holland the same year by Elzevir, Jansson and Ravesteyn. Cf. Keynes, p. 48-49., Dedicated to Georgius Ent., Includes index., DeGolyer Collection bookplate., With: Cnöffel, Andreas. Epistola de podraga cvrata. Amstelredami : Apud Iohannem Blaev, 1643 -- Rutcovius, Andreas. Cteticae. Amstelodami : Apud Ludovicum Elzevirium, 1650.
F. Thom Campanell Calabri, Ordinis prdicatorvm, Apologia pro Galileo, mathematico florentino
Vbi disqviritvr, vtrvm ratio philosopandi, qvam Galilevs celebrat, faueat sacris scripturis, an aduersetur., Title within ornamental border.
Figures de la Bible.
Texts illustrated are cited in the original (Hebrew for Old Testament, Greek for New Testament), German, English, French, Latin, and Dutch at foot of each plate., Drawings by Gerard Hoet and others., Also pub. under title: Tafereelen der voornaamste geschiedenissen van het O. en N. Testament.
Flora; overo, Cultura di fiori
... Distinta in quattro libri e trasportata dalla lingua latina nell'italiana da Lodovico Aureli Perugino., Added t.-p. engraved.
Francisci Vicomercati mediolanensis, in qvatvor libros Aristotelis Meteorologicorvm commentarii : et eorvndem librorvm e Graeco in Latinvm per evndem conversio : ad Carolvm a Lotharingia Cardinalem.
Signatures: A-2I⁶ A-L⁶., Greek text with Latin translation and commentary., Initials; head pieces., Errata at end., Manuscript note on fly leaf: "Badia No 13563"., Harlow Collection bookplate.
Francisci de Verulamio, summi Angliae cancellarii. Instauratio magna. Multi pertransibunt & augebitur scientia.
First edition., Title-page engraved and illustrated, initials., Signatures: t.-p. (verso blank), [par.] , A-C, D-Ss, Tt, a-e., Pages 23-24 at end (sig. c, blank?) ; also last leaf e (blank) wanting., Errors: nos. 173-180 omitted in paging; 6 at end misprinted for 7., "Distribvtio operis. Eius constituuntur partes sex. 1. Partitiones scientiarum. 2. Nouum organum. 3. Phnomena vniuersi. 4. Scala intellectus. 5. Prodromi. 6. Philosophia secunda."--p. 15., Of the six parts, this edition contains only the 2d. part, the Nouum organum, followed by a sketch of the 3d part, which the author calls "Parasceve, ad historiam natvralem, et experimentalem", and a "Catalogvs historiarvm paricvlarivm, secundum capita". Works which represent the first and third part were published later; of the fourth and fifth parts only prefaces were written.