History of Science Collection

Demonstratio halonis
Leading mathematical astronomer of the 16th century and professor of higher mathematics (astronomy) at Wittenberg. Unpublished treatise or lecture on atmospheric refraction., transcriptas ab Erasmo Reinholt., Ms., Treatise., Caption title., Paper watermarked., Marbled wrappers., Written in two italic hands in ink, section headings in red., Three pen-and-ink diagrams.
Dialogo di Vincentio Galilei nobile fiorentino della mvsica antica, et della moderna.
Title within ornamental design: printer's mark at end.
Signatures: )(⁴ a-c⁴ d² A-K⁴ chi².
Discorso al serenissimo Don Cosimo II, gran duca di Toscana : intorno alle cose, che stanno sù l'acqua, ò che in quella si muouono
di Galileo Galilei ..., T.p. and dedication for Risposta alle oppositioni by Galileo Galilei are included at [1]-[4] (2nd group)., Signatures: [cross]², [cross]², A-G⁴, H⁶., Handwritten notes throughout text.