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The history of that great and renowned monarchy of China. Wherein all the particular provinces are accurately described: as also the dispositions, manners, learning, lawes, militia, government, and religion of the people. Together with the traffick and co
Lately written in Italian by F. Alvarez Semedo ... Now put into English by a person of quality, and illustrated with several mapps and figures ... To which is added the history of the late invasion, and conquest of that flourishing kingdom by the Tartars. With an exact account of the other affairs of China, till these present times., The history of the invasion by the Tartars, p. [251]-304, has special t.-p.: Bellum tartaricum, or, The conquest of the great and most renovvned empire of China, by the invasion of the Tartars ... Written originally in Latine by Martin Martinius ... London, Printed for J. Crook, 1655.
United States internal revenue. Annual taxes, 1865.
One of the earliest income tax forms.