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Cosmographia Petri Apiani
per Gemmam Frisivm apud Louanienses medicum & mathematicū insignem, iam demum ab omnibus vindicata mendis, ac nonnullis quoq[ue]: locis aucta. Additis eiusdem argumenti libellis ipsius Gemmæ Frisii., Colophon: Excusum Antuerpiæ opera Aeg. Diesthemij. Anno à Christo humanæ salutis authore nato, 1545., On verso of last leaf, device (no. 2) of Grégoire de Bonte., Signatures: A-H, K-S⁴; sig. I reserved for map of the world., Leaves signed [Aiii]-[Siiii] are numbered 1-66., Title vignette; initials. Fol. 31-48 in double columns., Revolving diagrams on verso of l. 8 and 11, and on recto of l. 28 and 49., Libellus de locorum describendorvm ratione ... per Gemmam Frisivm: l. 51-57., Vsvs annvli astronomici. Gemma Frisio ... avtore: l. 58-64., For full description see Ortroy, Bibliographie de l'œuvre de Pierre Apian. 1902. no. 36.
Mathematical collections and translations.
t. 1, pt. 1. Galileus Galileus, his Systeme of the world -- II. Galileus, his epistle to the Grand Dutchesse mother concerning the authority of Holy Scripture in philosophical controversies -- III. Johannes Keplerus, his reconcilings of Scripture texts, &c. -- IV. Didacus à Stunica, his reconcilings of Scripture texts, &c. -- V. P.A. Foscarinus, his epistle to Father Fantonus, reconciling the authority of Scripture, and judgments of divines alledged against this system -- t. 1, pt. 2. D. Benedictus Castellus, his Discourse of the mensuration of running waters -- II. His Geometrical demonstrations of the measure of running waters -- III. His letters and considerations touching the draining of fenns, diversions of rivers, &c. -- IV. D. Corsinus, his relation of the state of the inundations, &c. in the territories of Bologna, and Ferrara -- t. 2, pt. 1. Galileus, his Mathematical discourses and demonstrations, touching two new sciences, pertaining to the mechanicks and local motions, with an appendix of the centre of gravity of some solids -- II Galileus, his Mechanicks, with some additionall pieces -- III. Rhenatus des Cartes, his Mechanicks, translated from the French manuscript -- IV. Archimedes, his tract De insidentibus humido, or Of the natation of bodies, with the notes and demonstrations of Nicholaus Tartalea and Federicus Commandinus -- V. Galileus, his Discourse of natation -- VI. Nicolaus Tartalea, his inventions for diving under water, raising of ships sunk, &c., T. 2, pt. 2, although advertised, was never published., Portrait of Salusbury inserted in t. 2., Treatises have separate title pages., On t.p. of t. 1, pt. 2 the words "The second tome. The second part" should read "The first tome. The second part.", The work was published in two volumes, 1661-1665. It is rarely found complete, as most of the copies of t. 2 were destroyed in the great fire of London., Flyleaf inscription: E Lib: Tho. Wo[...], Coll Jes: Alum: Cant: 1707 Sept: 7., Includes bibliographical references and index.