History of Science Collection

A prognostication euerlasting of right good effect : fruitfully augmented by the author, containing plaine, briefe, pleasant, chosen rules to iudge the weather by the sunne, moone, starres, comets, rainbow, thunder, clowdes, with other extraordinary token
Lately corrected and augmented by Thomas Digges his sonne., Illustrated t.p., Head and tail pieces; initials; side notes., Bottom margin of t.p. overtrimmed, obscuring part of imprint. Outer margin also overtrimmed, affecting side notes and some illustrations.
A series of plates representing the most extraordinary and interesting basaltic mountains, caverns and causeways, in the known world.
Title on spine: Basaltic mountains., Some of the plates appeared originally in the Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London.
A theatre of politicall flying-insects. Wherein especially the nature, the vvorth, the vvork, the wonder and the manner of right-ordering of the bee, is discovered and described.
Together with discourses, historical, and observations physical concerning them. And in a second part are annexed meditations, and observations theological and moral, in three centuries upon that subject. By Samuel Purchas.
A treatise on the science of muscular action
by John Pugh., An t.p. engraved.
A week's conversation on the plurality of worlds.
By Monsieur Fontenelle. Translated from the last Paris edition, wherein are many improvements throughout; and some new observations on several discoveries which have been lately made in the heavens. By William Gardiner, esq;, Translation of: Entretiens sur la pluralité des mondes., The first edition of the Gardiner translation has title: Conversations on the plurality of worlds., Head and tail pieces; initials.
Abbildung und Beschreibung deß wunderwürdigen unvergleichlichen Cometen : der erstmals zu Anfang deß Wintermonats vor Aufgang der Sonnen erschienen, und anjetzt nach derselben Untergang sich entsetzlich sehen lässet.
Illustration of town's people viewing the Great Comet of 1680, which was the first comet to be discovered by telescope and the comet used by Isaac Newton to test Kepler's laws of planetary motion., Variant of broadsheet printed by Schollenberger in Nuremberg in 1680., Mounted on late nineteenth-century thick paper., Stamp on mounting paper: Sammlung Hans Hopf.
Account of the earthquakes which happened in Italy, from February to May 1783.
par MM. le Chevalier Hamilton ... ; traduits par M. Lefebvre de Villebrune., Translation of: An account of the earthquakes which happened in Italy, from February to May 1783., Half title page., Title vignette., Head piece., Includes bibliographical references.
Admonitio ad astronomos, rerumque coelestium studiosos : de raris mirisq[ue] : anni 1631, phænomenis, Veneris puta et Mercurii in solem incursu : excerpta ex ephemeride anni 1631 & certo authoris consilio huic præmissa, iterumq[ue]
An extract from the ephemerides which were based on the Rudolphine tables, used for publicity in an attempt to increase sales in the future book., Joannis Keppleri ... ; edita à Jacobo Bartschio ..., Signatures: A-B⁴., Head-pieces; initials.
Albertus Durerus Nurembergensis pictor huius aetatis celeberrimus, versus è Germanica lingua in Latinum ... Quatuor his suaru[m] Institutionum geometricarum libris ... denuo ad scripti exemplaris fidem omnia diligenter recognita, emendatius iam in lucem e
Signatures: a⁴ A-P⁶ Q⁴., The illustrations on P6r and Q1r have folded flaps., Printer's device on t.p. and on leaf at end., Several errors in paging., Lib. III contains Dürer's expositions on the construction of letters, with many large woodcut specimens of roman capitals., With: Dürer, Albrecht. Alberti Dvreri pictoris et architecti ... De urbibus, archibus, castellísque compendis ... Parisiis : C. Wecheli, 1535.