History of Science Collection

Arcana naturae detecta
ab Antonio van Leeuwenhoek., Added t.-p., engraved.
Aristarchi De magnitudinibus, et distantiis solis, et lunae, liber
cum Pappi Alexandrini explicationibus quibusdam ; a' Federico Commandino vrbinate in latinum conuersus, ac commentarijs illustratus., "Cum priuilegio pont. max. in annos X.", Title vignette: publisher's device. Initials.
Astronomical and geographical essays: containing, I. A comprehensive view of the general principles of astronomy. II. The use of the celestial and terrestrial globes ... III. The description and use of the armillary sphere planetarium, tellurian, and luna
By George Adams ..., "A catalogue of mathematical and philosophical instruments made and sold by George Adams": 15 pages bound before plates., Imperfect: p. 289-304, 419-420, 429-430, 451-452, 461-464, and 543-544 wanting.
Astronomical lectures, read in the publick schools at Cambridge
by William Whiston ; Whereunto is added a collection of astronomical tables; being those of Mr. Flamsteed, corrected; Dr. Halley; Monsieur Cassini; and Mr. Street, for the use of young students in the university. And now done into English.
Astronomicarum institutionum libri III
Signatures: a⁸ A-2A⁸., Woodcut title vignette: printer's device., Head-pieces., Includes errata.