History of Science Collection

(Renati Des-Cartes) Principia philosophiae.
Title vignette: device of Louis Elzevir., Last preliminary leaf (sig. b[4]) blank.
A deliniation of the strata of England and Wales, with part of Scotland; exhibiting the collieries and mines, the marshes and fen lands originally overflowed by the sea, and the varieties of soil according to the variations in the substrata, illustrated b
By W. Smith., The first geological map of England and Wales; for description see Annals of science, v. 3, no. 2, p. 190-212., Also includes 6 folded section maps by W. Smith: 1. Geological section from London to Snowdon. London, J. Cary, 1817.- 2. Geological view and section in Essex and Hertfordshire ... [London, 1819]- 3. Geological view and section of Norfolk ... [London, 1819] - 4. Vertical section of strata in Surry dipping northward ... London, J. Cary, 1819.- 5. Section of the strata through Hampshire and Wiltshire to Bath. London, J. Gary, 1819.- 6. Geological view and section through Dorsetshire and Somersetshire to Taunton. London, J. Gary, 1819.
A description of the plan of Peking, the capital of China; sent to the Royal Society by Father Gaubil ...
Translated from the French., Caption title., "XCVI," from the Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London, 1758, v. 50.
A dobsinai jégbarlang ... Die eishöhle von Dobschau. Im auftrage der K. Ungarischen naturwissenschaftlichen gesellschaft untersucht und beschrieben
von dr Jos. Alex. Krenner ... Mit 6 lithographirten tafeln und 3 holzschnitten., In portfolio., Hungarian and German in opposite columns.
A familiar treatise on astronomy ...
By Jehoshaphat Aspin. Written expressly to accompany Urania's mirror, or, A view of the heavens; consisting of thirty-two cards ... designed by a lady., The 32 cards are in a box with title: Urania's mirror ...
A geometrical practise, named pantometria, diuided into three bookes, longimetra, planimetra, and stereometria, containing rules manifolde for mensuration of all lines, superficies and solides; with sundry straunge conclusions, both by instrument and with
Framed by Leonard Digges ... lately finished by Thomas Digges, his sonne. Who hath also thereunto adioyned a Mathematicall treatise of the fiue regulare Platonicall bodies, and their metamorphosis or transformation into fiue other eqiulater uniforme solides geometricall, of his owne inuention ..., Signatures: +, A-Z, Aa-Hh, Ii., Illustrated t. p.; hand-colored: head and tail pieces: initials., Black letter and italic types., Printers marks on last page., Title page reinforced., The first book to use the word "theodolite." cf. Oxford English Dictionary.