Nichols Rare Books Collection

A dictionary of the English language:
in which the words are deduced from their originals, and illustrated in their different significations by examples from the best writers. To which are prefixed, a history of the language, and an English grammar. By Samuel Johnson., Vol. 1-2, cop. 3 reprinted by AMC Press, New York, 1967.
Il libro del cortegiano ...
Imprint from colophon., Device of the Aldine Press on t.-p. and on verso of leaf at end.
Index librorum prohibitorum.
Prefatory matter contains : Regulae indicis...; Observationes ad regulam quartam & nonam; Observationes ad regulam decimam; Instructio Clementis VIII., The index is followed by Appendix ad indicem librorum prohibitoruma mense feb. MDCCXXXIX usque ad totum mensem junii MDCCXLIV . (p. 563-568) Then follows Raccolta d'alcune particolari operette spirituali, e profane proibite ... (p. 571-632); Nota ;, Decretum feria V. die XXV. septembris MDCCX; Appendix ad indicem librolum (!) proibitorum a mense junii MDCCXLIV. usque ad totum mensem junii MDCCXLV; Appendix ad indicem librorum prohibitorum a mense junii MDCCXLVI. usque ad totum mensem octobris MDCCXLVI; Appendix ad indicem librorum prohibitorum a mense junii MDCCXLVI. usque ad totum mensem septembris MDCCL.
Liber chronicarum.
Latin text with Gothic letters., Woodcuts by Wohlgemuth and Pleydenwurff., Supplement has title: De Sarmacia regione Europe., Sometimes referred to as Nuremberg, or Nurnberg chronicle., Colophon reads: ... Ad intuitu autem preces prouidoru ciuiu Sebaldi Schreyer Sebastiani kamermaister hunc librum dominus Anthonius koberger Nuremberge impressit. Adhibitis tame viris mathematicis pingendiq arte peritissimis. Michaele wolgemut et wilhelmo Pleydenwurff. quaru solerti acuratissimaq animadversione tum ciuitatum tum illustrium virorum figure inserte sunt. Consummatu autem duo-decima mensis Julij. Anno salutis nre. 1493.
Mr. William Shakespeare's comedies, histories, and tragedies : published according to the true originall copies.
Title vignette: Droeshout's portrait of Shakespeare., Colophon: Printed at London by Thomas Cotes, for John Smethwick, William Aspley, Richard Hawkins, Richard Meighen, and Robert Allot, 1632., Dedication, and preface "To the great variety of readers" signed: John Heminge, Henry Condell., The Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies are separately paged., Errors in pagination in pt.1, p 46, 58, 153, 194, 249-250, 265 misprinted respectively 64, 80, 151, 494 251-252, 273; in pt. 2, 47-48 omitted in numbering, p. 89-90 misprinted 91-92, p. 100 followed by an unnumbered leaf, which is followed by repeated numbering of 69-100, p. 194-95 (2nd group) misprinted 49 and 59, p. 209 misprinted 120; in pt. 3, 169-268 omitted in numbering, p. 96, 154, 286-287, 341-342, 351-352, 355, 389 misprinted respectively 67, 134, 186-187, 143-144, 151-152,335, 399.
The Anatomy Of Melancholy. What it is, with all the kinds causes, symptomes, prognostickes, & seuerall cures of it. In three Partitions, with their severall Sections, members & subsections. Philosophically, Medicinally, Historically, opened & cut vp. By
Colophon [between woodcuts]: Oxford, Printed by Iohn Lichfield, Printer to the Famous Vniversity, for Henry Cripps. Ann. Dom. 1628., Illustrated t.-p., engr. by C. le Blon., Paging irregular: nos. 79-80 and 583-584 repeated in paging; 4 p. are inserted between p. 208-209 and 2 p. between p. 374-375. In this copy Sig. ** precedes Sig. A; according to the Hoe and Huntington library catalogues it precedes Sig. a.
The courtier
written in Italian, in four books, I. Of the form and manner of a court life. II. Of the qualifications of a courtier. III. Of the accomplishments of a court lady and, IV. Of the duty of a from the original., Dedication signed: Robert Samber., "Errata": p. [8].
The poetical works of Percy Bysshe Shelley
edited by Harry Buxton Forman., T.-p.s and prefaces of original editions includes.